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Dubai is really a place where you can find everything you’re looking for. This basic rule is valid also for garments, shoes and accessories.

Fashion in Dubai

Fashion in Dubai

Emiratis mostly wear traditional clothes, i.e. kandura for men (this is the most frequent word used to define this kind of garments in the United Arab Emirates, whereas in other Muslim countries it is called thawb, thobe or dishdasha), and abaya for women. As for head gear, men usually wear the accessory included in their kandura but can also choose kufis, whereas women mostly wear hijabs or scarves.

Arabic fashion is as rich and diversified as the Western one in terms of style and elegance but it fundamentally differs in its taste and is based on completely different cultural traditions.

Thanks to the fact that the Arab Emirates are a modern and flexible Country, Western fashion is welcome to use for the huge number of residents coming from other Countries and cultures as well as for tourists. So, you can look at a real “catwalk” all over the metropole of Dubai: everyone wears garments according to his/her culture and eventually religion, and none finds “strange” that someone else is dressed with absolutely different kinds of garments.

By scrolling in the magnificent shopping malls throughout Dubai you can definitely discover each and every international collection by the most famous fashion designer. In fact, since some decades it has been turning out to be a great place for business also in the field of garments, shoes and accessories.

Fashion in Dubai

Fashion in Dubai

Apart from luxury goods which are obviously highly expensive, one can easily find very profitable prices also among the international sportswear and casualwear, thanks to the franchisees spread in the shopping malls, so that hot deals are most frequent as one could expect, thus proving wrong the “legend” of Dubai as an exclusively top expensive city.


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