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Winter in Dubai

It could just look like a contradiction: generally speaking, winter somehow implies cold and rain or even snow whereas in Dubai it absolutely means warm climate, beach life and outdoor leisure activities. In fact, the average temperature in winter is around 20° C in the day and 15° C in the night.

Dubai view from Burj Khalifa

Dubai view from Burj Khalifa – Photo courtesy of Francis Ho

So, it is definitely possible to enjoy every leisure activity: from going to the beach to shopping, from visiting a must-see place or museum to experience a tour through the city or the desert surrounding it, from playing golf to a cruise along the coast, from strolling around the old town and souks to tasting culinary specialties along the Creek, from discovering the most appealing deals in the numberless gorgeous shopping malls to visiting an impressive mosque… A never ending series of even more experiences than in summer, when temperatures can also reach 50° C.

Here you are with some suggestions to discover the multifaceted metropolis in the Arab Emirates in winter:

  • 1st day: BURJ KHALIFA: the whole day will be definitely appropriate to visit the tallest building in the world (828 m). First of all because it is located in the very hearth of Dubai downtown where it is well worth scrolling around and taking a look at the sparkling city core. Once you “get enough” of these marvellous surroundings you’ll just have to enter the famous Dubai Mall (among the largest shopping malls in the world) and follow the directions to reach the ticket office of Burj Khalifa. At present, it is not possible to buy tickets in any other place nor online but there are scheduled times to go up to the 124th floor – by means of the super speed lift – where you’ll enjoy the unforgettable view offered by At the Top, the round platform with glass walls which literally sweeps through the sky of Dubai. Don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular water show performed by the Dubai Fountain. Simply unique!
  • 2nd day: BURJ AL ARAB: the most famous hotel in the world stands out opposite to Jumeirah and is connected to the mainland by a bridge where a check-point is located in order to allow access only to hotel guests and pre-booked visitors. In fact, it is possible to admire this unique icon also in case you are not spending a stay there: daily tours to Burj Al Arab including tea time and/or lunch or dinner are available upon reservation. Unforgettable views, top- luxury surroundings and atmosphere, excellent food & beverage are inclusive!
  • 3rd day: For a very special experience visit the Nature Reserve of  RAS AL KHOR WILDLIFE SANCTUARY locatedat the end of Dubai Creek on a surface of 6.2 sq km. Since its beginning in 1985 it is just in winter than he sanctuary hosts more than 20,000 waterbirds of 67 species. Not only, as more than 500 species of flora and fauna are to be found there. A must see place for nature lovers!
  • 4th day: Hungry for art? Then it’s time to take a glance at the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL ART CENTRE (DIAC), (located in Jumeirah within easy walking distance of the Mercato Mall), Dubai’s oldest and biggest art organisation offering a series of premises and services including galleries, learning centres, libraries. Along with this history-rich organization there is a younger one recently opened at the Mall of the Emirates: More recently, a modern art centre, the DUBAI COMMUNITY THEATRE & ARTS CENTRE (DUCTAC) where new talented artists (no matter how old they are) are really encouraged and supported. 
  • 5th day: one more experience in Dubai which is outside of the most usual tourist routes: stroll around the impressive Creek to admire the Floating Bridge which connects on the Deira side the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and on the Bur Dubai side Riyadh Road, Dubai Courts and Creek Park  with Baniyas Road, Deira City Centre. It was opened in 2007 and immediately became a point of attraction for tourists especially for those attracted by futuristic works!
  • 6th day: it ‘ll be well worth dedicating a day to sport! The one of the ideal places to see is surely the MEYDAN CIRCUIT. A city within the city not far from Bur Dubai where racecourses ejoy the best environment. Along with the prestigious premises dedicated to equestrian sports there are lots of further attractions: Meydan Metropolis, Meydan Hotel, Meydan Horizons and Meydan Godolphin Parks (some of them still under construction).
  • 7th day: during the last day of the week it’s time to visit a gorgeous theme park named DUBAILAND. Though still in progress this huge attraction (spread over 3 billion square feet) is already full in action with captivating sport, cultural, leisure & entertainment events while ensuring lots of fun and shopping opportunities to visitors aged from 0 to 100!
Golf Club in Dubai

Golf Club in Dubai – Photo courtesy of Hoomygumb

During your winter week in Dubai you’ll also enjoy the privilege of choosing among all the international cuisine styles, apart from the most genuine Arab gastronomy. The offer of restaurants and dining outlets is simply astonishing. Moreover, most of them are open all day long and some of them even 24/7 so that whether in the middle of the night or at every time you’ll be able to taste your favourite dish!


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