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Ramadan 2012

Ramadan is going to arrive shortly

Traditional Heritage in Dubai – Photo courtesy of Steve Rogers

According to tradition, its exact inception cannot be foreseen as it is determined by the moon phases which vary from time to time on the basis of several astronomic elements. Though the concerned date will be known only a few days before, it’s sure that it is going to start between around 15th and 20th July with some variations in terms of hours or days due to the latitude of the numerous countries where the Holy Month is celebrated. Its duration consists of around 4 weeks and is determined (just like its start) by the moon phases.

The latest years are particularly hard for Muslims as July and August are the hottest months of the year when temperatures in the UAE can reach 47°-48° C but it is important to emphasize that in the Emirates each and every space indoor is air conditioned, thus giving everyone real wellbeing and making it possible to enjoy this period.

An indisputable advantage of spending a stay during Ramadan in Dubai is that rates significantly decrease; as a result you’ll succeed in accessing luxury accommodation at very affordable prices without any compromise in terms of quality. Equally appealing are restaurants, clubs, cinemas, arenas and every kind of outlet; food & beverage proposals are  rich in appeal thanks to several themed promotions to celebrate Iftar and, at the end of Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr: in fact, Islamic tradition includes a number of mouthwatering salty & sweet specialties which are well-worth tasting.

So, take a look at the competitive offers, packages and promotions available for Ramadan and you’ll discover a world of opportunities to be enjoyed.

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  1. I’ve just booked a 6-day-stay in Dubai during Ramadan (arrival day is Aug., 10th) and am very excited about it. A friend of mine spent 10 days in the Arab Emirates last year and was really impressed by the spirituality reigning over there.

    • You’ll surely feel at ease. Once you know the simple behaviour rules to follow while staying there during Ramadan you’ll discover the multitude of experiences to enjoy in Dubai. A profound sense of peace and inward-looking will accompany you constantly but at sunset you’ll perceive a growing joy among people who gather on the streets, in restaurants and cafes to celebrate the Iftar.

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