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Dubai skyline by night with Burj Khalifa standing above all – Photo courtesy of Daniel Cheong

The tallest restaurant in the world!

To be honest, one of the first questions I asked myself when looking down from At the Top, the round terrace overlooking Dubai from the sky (the so-called “towers’ observatory deck”) located at the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, was: “How long does it take to get the first restaurant here in the higher levels of the Burj?”.

Burj Khalifa’s making short history

It didn’t take much time, just a few months. Let us now introduce At.mosphere, the tallest restaurant in the world! There were great expectations about it – also because its atmosphere, gastronomy and service which were pre-evaluated to be of high level just like its physical location…

Well, At.mosphere opened on January, 23rd 2011 and immediately rose lots of rumours and comments all over the world. It can accommodate up to 210 people, and is structured and conceived in order to offer lunch, afternoon, pre-dinner drinks and dinner in an extensive variety of selections available.  Its gastronomy decidedly emphasises on fresh products (and healthy cooking methods) which are accompanied by a great beverage list.

It’s not surprising that we are speaking of high luxury dining so please consider the following average costs just as general ones:

  • from around Dhs 450 (€ 90 – $122) per person on lunch or dinner
  • afternoon tea from around Dhs 350 (€ 70 – $ 100) per person
  • drinks & snacks in the lounge area from around Dhs 200 (€ 40 – $ 54.50) per person

Feeling like booking its private dining area for the very special upcoming event in your life? Well, then you’ll expect to pay at least Dhs 650 (€ 130 – $ 177) per person.

Though its expensive prices (but all in all not too much expensive if you consider the uniqueness of the whole product), At.mosphere is setting new, high standards in both Dubai’s dining industry and trends. So, in case your wallet will allow you, do not hesitate to book your table at At.mosphere, just 2 levels below At the Top, but do it in real advance as it is already booked out for Valentine’s day and some other holidays!

Comments on: "At.mosphere at Burj Khalifa in Dubai" (7)

  1. Patrick said:

    There are tons of rumours about At.mosphere out there… I wasn’t yet there but would like to know your point of view as reviews and comments are somehow contradictory.

    • Our point of view is quite “open”. What I mean is that even the most sophisticated place in the world needs time to catch its real identity. At.moshere just opened two months ago which are undoubtedly a very short time if you consider how many different aspects are there to focus on.

      At present, and considering that the location at the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa in Dubai is definitely unique, we think there is some work to do on the staff and the food quality. As for the staff, there should be some more advanced criteria of selection as we have experienced (and heard about) some problems of communication between the waiters/waitresses and the clients due to the fact that they come from Far East and consequently have a very different way of pronouncing English words.

      Truly, we think this is a small problem whereas we would like to emphasize quality food. The question is not whether it tastes good or not because it undoubtedly does, but whether it could taste much better. That’s the core point: you choose an exclusive, unique dining outlet offering breathtaking, unique view and surroundings: well, food must be equally unique.

      Doesn’t it? Let’s help At.mosphere be not only a unique place but also a restaurant serving unique food!

  2. In un ristorante così chic come At.mosphere che cosa si mangia? Viene proposto più una cucina internazionale oppure locale?

    • Premesso che, a nostro parere, siamo ancora nella fase-beta, e che occorreranno alcune settimane, diciamo almeno un paio di mesi prima che At.mosphere assuma la sua vera identità gastronomica, allo stato attuale la proposta verte decisamente sulla cucina internazionale. O, come lo chef in capo Dwayne Cheer afferma e viene pubblicizzato dappertutto, “Contemporary European Cuisine”, “Cucina Contemporanea Europea”. L’elemento-principe su cui si basa è indubbiamente il grandisssimo grill su cui trovano spazio infinite varietà di carne, pesce e verdura.
      Aggiungiamo che At.mosphere è chiaramente orientato verso una cucina sana, cotture semplici e grande qualità delle materie prime.

  3. It’s a pity that they are already sold out for Valentine’s day!

    How about a few days after, f.i. on Feb., 16th or 17th?

    • Yes, that’s really a pity: they announced it a few days ago, i.e. just after their inauguration!
      As for the following days, as far as we know there should still be a few tables available but would rather suggest to prefer Wed., 16th because on Thu., 17th you are already in the weekend and most probably there will be no availability again.
      However, try asap and enjoy your postponed Valentine’s day with your loved one!

    • I’ve been at At.mosphere last week on lunch. It’s a stunning place! Food is tasty but I think it can better in the future.
      It’s definitely expensive, no doubt, but if you consider that for accessing “At the Top” you have to pay at least Dhs 100 i.e. around € 20, all in all it’s not a surprise what you have to pay for At.mosphere.
      Obviously, don’t book ALSO At the Top if you’ll go to the restaurant as the view (just 2 floors below) is absolutely the same!

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