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A 5-star Hotel in Dubai

Before going to Dubai for the first time the main source of information and pictures about Dubai’s hotels I could rely on, not surprisingly, was the internet.  And, to be honest, I belonged to the great majority of web users who believe that there must always be a certain gap between what you see on the web and its reality.

So, when I approached my first visits to several luxury, 5 and 4 star hotels in Dubai I was expecting much disappointment and a few WOWs. Well, as visits followed each other I just had to invert this relation: a few disappintment and many WOWs!

Hotels in Dubai share a high standard as a whole, i.e. what should elsewhere be considered a 4-star hotel, for instance, here is definitely classified as a 3-star property. And so on. So, as you go up along this scale you’ll be more and more surprised by the extremely high-quality level of the hotel facilities which often constitute also outstanding models of Arabian, modern or futuristic architecture.

Inside the hotels in Dubai you’ll discover excellent amenities, great care of details, refined interiors, comfortable and luxury rooms and, usually, several restaurants, cafes and pubs able to offer both guests of the hotel and coming from outside an extensive, inviting array of different gastronomy schools, some of them being also open 24h/7. The standard of cuisine is equally noteworthy: the whole world is represented throughout Dubai thanks to numberless outlets coming from the five continents with different levels of prices which make it possible to all visitors to get in touch with various culinary arts. Don’t worry in case you can’t access luxury restaurants as you’ll succeed in enjoying  tasty, mouthwatering food also at reasonable prices and even in food courts (generally located inside the shopping malls), if you pay attention to some details and take your time before choosing yours! Take a look at the restaurants featured in dubai-hotel-booking’s Directory!

And the hotel staff? Perhaps one of the most pleasant aspects of my report: personnel selections are extremely accurate and demanding. As a result, you’ll perceive high know-how and skills alongside with frequent training courses so that each hotel group boasts its individual personality, a bunch of special characteristics which give a unique style and cannot be confused with other ones.

Our next posts will tell you more about some iconic hotels in Dubai and how they are… beyond their facade!

Comments on: "Hotels in Dubai" (2)

  1. Grazie MyMedina! Sono davvero argomenti molto interessanti. Mi domando però, visto il gran numero di hotels a Dubai con (così mi pare di capire) un servizio quasi unico che dunque richiede una gran quantità di personale. Senz´altro provengono queste risorse umane non solo dalla zona di Dubai o dagli Emirati Arabi ma anche da … dove?

    • Questa è una domanda davvero interessante. In effetti, circa il 75-80% dei residenti a Dubai e negli altri 6 Emirati Arabi proviene da altri Paesi. Molti sono indiani, pakistani, indonesiani e cinesi, altrettanto numerosi sono coloro che provengono da altri Stati arabi, in particolare la Siria, il Libano, l’Egitto, l’Iran e l’Iraq. Da questi Paesi provengono i lavoratori ai più diversi livelli: dalla manodopera fino alle sfere dirigenziali (sebbene la prima prevalga numericamente sulla seconda); da molti altri Stati provengono invece i manager impegnati nei vari settori del turismo, del real estate, della finanza ecc.: tra questi, molti europei (soprattuto tedeschi, austriaci, inglesi e italiani), russi, statunitensi, canadesi, australiani e neozelandesi. Infine, molti businessmen provengono dagli altri Paesi della Penisola Arabica, con i quali esiste una fitta rete di relazioni d’affari.

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