Dubai Hotel & Tour Booking

From the 124th floor up to the pinnacle

When I saw it for the first time there were hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of workers around, under, inside it. Its pinnacle was far to come but its majesty was already manifest.

One year later I could admire it in all its splendour. Its hypnothic dimensions of 828 m make it the tallest bulding and/or tower in the world and tempt you like siren calls: “Come up, come up as high as I can allow you”.

Not surprisingly, I surrendered. Some friends had told me not to expect to go there and go up immediately, unless I would pay AED 400 – that is 4 times the normal ticket of AED 100. In case you book for another time or day then you’ll just have to pay AED 100 (around € 19 or $ 27) which is all in all an affordable price if considering the uniqueness of the show. So, I booked for the same evening – one trick: if you can visit Burj Khalifa after 6pm you’ll also enjoy the breathtaking Dubai Fountain performance, undoubtedly a must-see event! Bookings are possible only at the dedicated desks inside the Dubai Mall which is directly connected to Burj Khalifa.

To reach the lifts bringing you up to the 124th floor you’ll pass through a series of extremely elegant and wide rooms and corridors on whose walls are shown the whole Burj Khalifa history and lots of pictures displaying the huge number of people who took part in the project.

Once on the 124th floor you are At the Top, the round Observatory Deck where you’ll experience stunning moments. I approached the sight, literally much ABOVE Dubai, very cautiously. Fortunately.  My feelings were so strong and powerful, though I could not believe it was true. After some minutes  I dared: I looked down, slowly, until I saw some well-known (however very tall) buildings like The Address Downtown Hotel so much below, looking like toys… But I couldn’t stop myself while looking more and more down up to the streets, the lake, the other buildings. Everything acquires a different dimension/proportion when At The Top.

You’ll also find there some telescopes to look all around and enlarge images; some photographers will tempt you and ask to take some pictures of you (which are to be picked-up once you’ve come down at the store before the last corridor (AED 100 each) and are handed over in a cozy folder displaying Burj Khalifa.

Definitely, don’t miss this experience.


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