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Ramadan Kareem

A few days ago Ramadan got started in all Muslim countries all over the world. Mymedinadubai would like to wish all Muslims all the best in the name of peace, generosity and spirituality.

A Mosque in the heart of Abu Dhabi


Comments on: "Ramadan Kareem" (4)

  1. Allegra said:

    Great advice, thank you! I’ve also read the article you recommended and am much more confident that my stay in Dubai will be memorable. Could you please advise about eating in public during Ramadan?

    • Consider that one of the main rules of Ramadan is that of fastening during the day, i.e. from sunrise to sunset. In order to respect Muslims during their act of faith you’ll not eat and/or drink in public places nor behave in an exuberant manner. Obviously, all non-Muslims in the Arab Emirates can eat and drink whatever they want but in closed rooms so that Muslims don’t feel unease.
      That way, Muslims show a very flexible and respectful way of communicating which deserves to be highlighted and repaid with the same correctness.

  2. Allegra said:

    I’d like to go to the Emirates during Ramadan next year. But am not sure whether I’ll feel ease. Can I go out there with my usual look, i.e. jeans and t-shirt? And how about sandals? Can I wear them? Can I use make-up? I’ve long hair and often need some treatments from a hair stylist. So, my question is: are there some? If Muslim women wear the traditional dress (I don’t know, perhaps it’s called “hjjab”) which covers their hair as a result they don’t need a hair stylist, who most probably do not exist there.

    Could you give me some information about? I’d be happy to visit the Emirates as they seem to offer much to see and enjoy. I’ve read some articles about them on and am planning to stay in Dubai with some friends of mine.

    • There is quite an overflow of generalization about Muslim countries among them there are several ones with a really good level of flexibility and open-mindness. The United Arab Emirates are undoubtedly one of these countries. Be sure that you can wear your favourite jeans and t-shirt, your sandals and use make-up. Moreover, Arabian women are particularly expert in make-up and very often you’ll be able to admire their charming results. Nails are also very cared of. For all your beauty needs you’ll find an excellent range of products available in shopping malls, supermarkets and stores as well. As for hair stylists too, you’ll discover that especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer innumerable state-of-the-art hair & beauty salons which are frequently located also inside hotels. Generally speaking, you’ll just take into consideration your good taste and avoid all those look exaggerations which unfortunately abound in most Western countries.

      In order to give you a broader idea of the most significant social rules to be followed in the Arab Emirates please read one of our articles on dedicated to this topic whose title is “Things worth knowing before you get to the Arab Emirates”:

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